Weekly Update: Help Develop New Technology for Carers

Aug 14, 2020

Our friends at Technology 4 Working Carers are looking for individuals who can help developing technology to benefit those who juggle working and looking after someone with dementia.

As part of a research project at Sheffield University, Technology 4 Working Carers are aiming to develop a self-help toolkit for people who work and care for someone with dementia. However, they need the input of those who have experience of being a carer or looking after someone with dementia in order to further their research and develop this resource.

If you have the following experience, please consider joining the project:

  • provide care for a person with dementia and also work or had to give up work to care

  • live with dementia or represent the views of a person living with dementia

  • employ or work with people who have unpaid caring responsibilities

  • work in the care sector

  • represent carer or dementia support organisations or adult social care departments

Click here to visit the Technology 4 Working Carers website to find our more about this project and to sign up to help.