Apply to become Carer Positive

Employers wishing to become a Carer Positive employer are required to undertake a self-assessment process to demonstrate how they meet each of the 3 award levels.

Our application forms are not long or complicated, however we are always happy to arrange a meeting, or to provide help and advice over the phone or email, if you have any questions or concerns before it is completed.

To arrange this, please email

or call 0141 378 1065

Employers new to Carer Positive

Employers new to Carer Positive must first apply for Level 1

Once they have been awarded ‘Engaged’ status, employers may progress through the system, applying for the other two levels in turn. If you already have practices and policies in place to support carers in your workplace, you may be able to progress through the awards quickly.

Free to participate

Carer Positive is funded by the Scottish Government so the application process, resource materials and award certificate are all free of charge!


The assessment forms are available to download below but we are always happy to discuss your application before you send it in. To do this, please email

or call us on 0141 378 1065.

Completed forms can also be emailed to Sue at the email address above.

What level do I apply for?

New to Carer Positive?

Apply for Level 1: Engaged Download ENGAGED Form

Engaged Checklist:

  • The organisation has awareness of carers within the workforce and has made a commitment to support carers through workplace policies/working practices
  • There is some evidence that systems and processes have been developed to support this
  • Carers are supported to identify themselves as carers and can access support within the organisation to help them manage their work and caring responsibilities

Already engaged?

Aim for Level 2: Established Download ESTABLISHED Form

Established Checklist:

  • The organisation involves carers in the development of policies and processes to support carers within the workforce
  • Well documented policies and systems are in place and communicated throughout the organisation
  • A culture of support is embedded within the organisation
  • Carers feel comfortable in identifying themselves and in accessing available support both from within and outside the organisation
  • They are fully informed of and involved in any changes / development of the support to carers in the workplace


Become Exemplary (Level 3) Download EXEMPLARY Form

Exemplary Checklist:

  • The organisation is recognised for its exemplary support for working carers
  • The organisation demonstrates creative and innovative approaches to supporting and involving carers
  • The organisation engages in wider awareness raising activities, whether community based/external promotional campaigns, or in forums to communicate the business case to other employers
  • Carers are encouraged to lead on the development of new approaches to support carers
  • Where practical, carers are positively encouraged in the recruitment process to access employment in this organisation