Weekly Update: Changing Working Places

Sep 4, 2020

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, workplaces have had to change in order to keep staff members as safe as possible from the virus. In some cases this has involved keyworkers using PPE and social distancing measures to physically distance themselves from the virus while continue to work in vital services. Other workplaces have required staff to work from home and, where this has not been possible, many people have been placed on furlough.

Since then many non-essential workplaces have now re-opened and those working at home are now considering the return to the office. In light of this, organisations have been forced to look at how they operate, from shift patterns and time off to their approach to home working, flexible hours and travel for work. The secret of doing this successfully must include considering the individual circumstances of the staff members, including carers, who can often be forgotten about when it comes to workplace policy.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a massive increase in individuals with caring responsibilities, with now an estimated 1.1 million carers across Scotland making up 1 in 5 of the population. Due to this, it is vital that working carers are able to juggle the demands of working and caring or they may feel forced the give up their jobs. This is bad news for both employers and staff.

If you are an employer in Scotland who is looking at their workplace policies and practices, we urge you to take this time to consider carers who may be among your staff. Appeal for them to come forward and give insights on how they can be supported in the workplace. We also have a variety of resources and information on this website which can assist you putting these measures in place and our team are always happy to offer advice on individual circumstances.