Weekly Roundup: Work Life Week

Oct 11, 2019

This week our friends at Family Friendly Working Scotland were their promoting #WorkLifeWeek campaign. Although not specifically geared towards carers, Family Friendly Working Scotland has values that often align with our own by working for a change in employment culture that will benefit all families in Scotland. You will often see them promoting issues such as flexible working, which can be hugely beneficial to working carers. Check out their website and follow them on social media to see all of the great work that they do.


We have also been promoting Family Friendly Working Scotland's Top Employer Awards as we feel that some of our Carer Positive Employers would be in with a great chance of winning. There are several categories, covering a range of business sizes, as well as the new category - 'Best for Mental Health and Wellbeing'. Many of our Carer Positive employers do a huge amount to support their staff so we would encourage you to put in an application. The deadline is Friday 8th of November at 5pm and you can find out more information and apply here. Good luck to you all!