Weekly Roundup: Carers News and Get Ready for Carers Week

Jun 5, 2020

On Monday we were thrilled to hear that the Scottish Government has approved the proposed Coronavirus Carers’ Allowance Supplement. This means that eligible unpaid carers in Scotland who receive Carers’ Allowance Supplement will receive an extra payment of £230.10 to help them during Covid-19. No date for this payment has been set yet but you can read more about the payment here.


The Carer Positive Team have all been very busy this week with preparations for Carers Week 2020. The theme this year is ‘Making Carers Visible’ and therefore we are focusing on visibility in the workplace and how that can have a positive effect for both carers and the organisations as a whole.


We have made a special animation for Carers Week which you can get an early preview of below. Please feel free to share this video on your websites, blogs, work networks or social media next week by going to the YouTube page and clicking on ‘Share’ to create a post or get the embed code.


There are still lots of things you can do to join in with the Carers Week celebrations; check out our post from last week to find out how you can get involved. We will also be hosting a virtual Employers Event to share ideas and experiences from our Carer Positive Employers on Wednesday 10th June at 12 - 1pm. Find out more about the event here.

Don’t forget to tell us about your Carers Week activity, we would love to share the details or any pictures from the events themselves. Send us a quick email or tag us on social media @CarerPositive. You can also add what you are doing to the list of events on the Carers Week website.

Finally, we are still urging everyone to join the ‘Add Your Voice’ Carers Week campaign; it just takes a moment to add your name to the wall of support. Click here to Add Your Voice.