Weekly Roundup: Carer Week Is Coming

May 29, 2020


Carers Week 2020 is almost upon us! The theme for 2020 is Making Carers Visible and with everything going on this year, making sure carers are visible and feel supported in the workplace is more vital than ever.

Carers Week is the perfect time to show your support for carers in the workplace and there are many ways you can do this, but here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Virtual carers network coffee mornings
Help carers come together with cake and a cuppa!

Feature a carers case study
Would a staff member be happy to share how they are coping with working and caring at this time, or another element of their caring role? This could be shared on your company blog or internal network.

Signpost to help
Provide links to online information, support and resources.

Link up with a local Carers Centre
Find out about their services and join 'virtual' community based activities near you.

Invite Carer Positive to your Event
Are you planning an online seminar or virtual network meeting as part of Carers Week? Get in touch and one of the Carer Positive team can join your event and discuss carers in the workplace.

There are a huge amount of other ideas, information and resources on the Carers Week website, including posts you can put out on social media. We also urge you to take a moment to join the Add Your Voice campaign.

Finally, don't forget to tag us on social media (@CarerPositive) or tell us about all of your Carers Week events - we love to see the different ways that you show your support for carers!