Planning an Event for Carers Rights Day?

Nov 11, 2019


Celebrating Carers Rights Day in your workplace is a great way to make staff with caring responsibilities feel appreciated and supported, as well as helping provide them with information that can make their life easier and less stressful.

Carers Rights Day 2019 is on Thursday 21st of November and this year's theme is 'Helping You Find Your Way'.

There is a huge variety of different things you can do to mark the day; from setting up an information table and sending information around your online network, through to large fundraising and inclusivity events. Carers UK have this helpful PDF guide which can help you plan. You can also click here to register your event on their website and they will send you posters and their updated 'Looking After Someone' guides to hand out on the day.

If you're still unsure what to do, why not hold a 'Care for a Cuppa' to raise funds that will allow Carers UK continue their work in supporting unpaid carers. There is a special page dedicated to 'Care for a Cuppa' here with all the information you need to host one of these events.