North Lanarkshire Online Event

Oct 7, 2020



This month we are holding an event aimed at employers in North Lanarkshire to discuss and share experiences on how they can support staff with caring responsibilities. This event is in partnership with our colleagues at North Lanarkshire Carers Together and coincides with National Work Life Week (12th – 16th October).

This session will include a presentation from us on the importance of supporting carers in your workplace, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. North Lanarkshire Carers Together, who are an Exemplary level Carer Positive Employer, will also speak, discussing how they have created a supportive working environment and sharing experiences of carers within their organisation. The session will also include a networking and discussion section at the end to ask questions or share advice and experiences from different types of workplace.

This online event will be held Wednesday 14th October from 2.30pm till It is open to all employers in North Lanarkshire so please join us if you are interested in learning about the challenges faced by working carers, the value of developing support for these members of staff within the workplace.

If you would like to attend, please email and we will send you an event invitation with link and joining instructions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted more than ever the vital job that unpaid carers undertake in caring for family members and friends. For those carers juggling their caring role with paid employment, this can often be particularly challenging, and it is important that employers provide the right support to enable them to manage both work and caring roles. The Carer Positive scheme helps organisations to do this and awards recognition to organisations with good workplace support in place for carers. Please take a look at the rest of our website for more information on how to participate, and check out the range of free support and information available.

Although this event is aimed specifically at employers in North Lanarkshire, we are keen to encourage employers throughout Scotland to take part in the Carer Positive scheme. These geographically targeted events work well for sharing information and building networks so plan to hold more, targeting other areas of the country, in the near future. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in thisour aim is to see carers being supported in their places of work as standard practice throughout Scotland!