Advice on Furlough and Carers UK Survey

Apr 10, 2020

With many organisations being forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic, employers are being forced to furlough staff who are at home. For employers looking for some extra help and advice on this topic, ACAS have lots of information and resources on their website. Why not start by clicking here to see their latest Covid-19 advice. They also have template Furlough letters that you can use to send to your employees who might be going through this - you can find these here. 

Carers UK have also launched a survey for carers during the Covid-19 pandemic. This survey will allow carers to share their experiences of life during the pandemic and will inform the help and support offered by Cares UK and Cares Scotland, as well as going on to influence Government policy. We would like this survey to represent carers throughout the UK so please circulate it across your network. The link for survey is here - it should only take 10 - 15 minutes to complete and is open until Monday 13th of April.