Weekply Roundup: A New Award and UK Government Consultation

Jul 3, 2020



This week we were pleased to award Turning Point Scotland as a Carer Positive Established Employer. 'Established' is the second level of our Carer Positive Award and acknowledges organisations who have developed upon their initial actions to support carers in the workplace, reviewing and strengthening the support that has been put in place.

Support for carers is clearly well embedded within the culture at Turning Point Scotland and they have been pro-active in raising awareness of carers and arranging peer support. Carers working at the organisation have also been included in the development and review of this support, which is a great way of making sure that what is being offered is relevant and helpful to those that need it. From the employee testimonies that Turning Point Scotland were able to provide, it was clear to see the benefit that working carers experience when they have a supportive and empathetic employer. Well done to them for all of this work, their Established Award is well deserved!

In other news, we are currently involved in a consultation with the UK government regarding paid carers leave. If you are already a Carer Positive Employer, we will be contacting you in the near future to ask for your input on this, however you can read more about the consultation here.

Finally, SCVO have produced some guides on online working which are really useful for workplaces whose staff are working from home. Head over to their website to check them out:

Digital Services

Remote Working

Digital Inclusion