Weekly Update: New Employers for Carers Report

Nov 6, 2020

This week our English colleagues at Employers for Carers released their report into carer friendly employers during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their findings showed that employers with policies to support staff with caring responsibilities were better placed to meet the changing needs of their workforce during the pandemic.

The report also touched upon the huge increase in people becoming carers since the start of the pandemic and subsequent challenges faced by those trying to juggle work and care. Read the full report here.

SM-New-Award-Established-Blog.pngWe were thrilled to present East Renfrewshire Carers Centre with their Established level certificate this week. ERCC only became Carer Positive Employers a couple of months ago but their strong commitment to supporting carers within the organisation have allowed them to progress to the Established level award very quickly!

It was evident from their Engaged application and subsequent conversations that support for carers within the Centre is certainly embedded in the organisational culture and within its overall work in providing support to carers in the community. Links with the local council and other partners have also been really helpful in spreading awareness of working carers, especially during these challenging times.