Weekly Update: Award Mania and This Month's Events

Nov 13, 2020

This has been a fantastic week for carer positive awards as we sent out Engaged certificates to Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd and The Health and Wellness Hub, while confirming that Carers of East Lothian and Renfrewshire Carers Centre also meet the criteria to become Carer Positive Employers!

Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd have shown a genuine commitment to supporting carers within their organisation, and that is well communicated across the infrastructure of the Highlands and Islands airports. They have been promoting a new section focusing on carers within their learning and development training, as well as signposting to other sources of support. Additionally, it was great to see that carers are encouraged to identify themselves during the induction process, and the strong awareness raising throughout the organisation.

The Health and Wellness Hub also offer great support to the carers within their organisation, as well as in the wider core work of the Hub. Support for carers is well communicated from induction, with carer specific policy and links to wider supports. It was also really encouraging to see that The Health and Wellness Hub benefit from strong partnerships and networking with North Lanarkshire Carers Together and other like-minded partners.

Congratulations to all of our new Carer Positive Employers, we are sure that your support for working carers will go from strength to strength!


Virtual Carers Parliament 2020 Blog.png

The Carers Parliament gets underway next week with two workshop days on Monday and Tuesday (November 16th and 17th). Sign ups for the workshops on these days are now closed however you can still register Professor Jason Leitch’s webinar on Tuesday November 17th and for everything happening on the Carers Parliament Main Event day – November 25th. Click here to find out more.

Carers Rights Day is on Thursday November 26th and this year we will be getting involved with Vocal’s ‘Setting Your Internal Carers Network’ event. This free event is aimed at employers and line managers in the Edinburgh and Lothian area and will discuss the benefits of supporting carers in the workplace and how to go about creating a carers network. Find out more and register your place here.